About Us

We are a new family business who have lived in Somerset for more than 20 years and which brings together a unique level of expercise. `Between us we have extensive experience in a variety of media and technology industries working with major world class companies in the broadcast, software and communications sectors

We have created world leading technology for companies such as Thames TV, Channel 4, the BBC and others. Much of our work has been seen directly or indirectly on national and local TV. Our web expertise has been used by major charity and business websites and our photography has been seen on magazine covers.

For some time we have been looking at how local independent businesses are adapting to the relentless march of online and other digital services. There are regular headlines in the media declaring the end of the HIgh Street and we are all well aware of how many towns in Somerset have empty retail units. This is not a problem that just affects retail. Almost all businesses are seeing the impact of the world wide web and how it is altering consumer behaviour and the associated way that people now research and find various services.

Many local businesses have tried to take on the challenge and have email, websites, social media accounts and so on. But too many of these are poorly maintained and updated and can actually become a drag on the business by adding little or no value and giving an impresion of being abandoned. An important element of our offering is to take on the role of keeping web sites and social media feeds fresh and properly reflecting the activity in your physical business. We also believe that such digital marketing needs to be tied closely to all your marketing and sales activities to maximise the benefit of all.


Glastonbury Tor Video, Isometric graphics, Long Shadow Icons, 3D laptop  Licensed from Envato Elements
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