Starting up or rebuilding?

Affordable web and digital services for businesses and organisations in and around Somerset


Amazing offer for small businesses
starting or rebuilding in the pandemic

We can offer our services for free or with deferred pricing based on your situation!  
Give your business the start it needs without huge extra costs.  

There is no catch - we started up just before the pandemic and like you are building our business in difficult times.   So if we can help you then it helps us - your success translates into our success.    The offer does not include third party charges.

Boost your business using our affordable services

Website Design

We provide  a variety of website options from basic design to fully managed sites. Available for your own hosting provider as an easily transferable site or as complete hosting packages   

Photography and Video

Good photography can make all the difference to product presentation.  Videos help explain your products and services.  Enquire about our  digital darkroom services


We can help you produce newsletters to make customers aware of your business and products   .  Targeted digital delivery makes for very cost effective  marketing

Email subscriptions

We can create, manage and build these for you - a key means to keep customers aware of your latest products, services and offer and increase business.   


Need a business or sales presentation? Improve business to business communications with clean and engaging designs

Print Layout

Print is still a valuable marketing tool.   We offer layout services that can tie in with your other digital channels

Special Pricing for Charities and Non-Profits

If you are a local charity or non-profit organisation please contact us to see how we can help you with your web, email and digital publishing needs.   We can offer free or very low cost services to suitable organisations.    Contact us for more details.

Do you...

Figure on an ever climbing staorcase

Feel as though you are getting nowhere?

Perhaps you have got a website already and it does not seem to be any real benefit to your business or you are struggling to set up  a website yourself.

figure pulling a trailer full of monebags

Think it all seems to
cost a fortune?

You have spent a lot of money on web design or it is costing a fortune to keep it up to date. Or perhaps you have created your own website but were surprised at the hidden costs and effort involved

Figure juglling clocks

Already have too many things to do?

Does everything to do with the web and other digital marketing take up far more time than you can afford? - you need to spend every hour you can on your 'real' business

We can help!

to find out more

and benefit from our lockdown enterprise pricing

Your local digital media service

Focussed on local business

Castlebrook Digital has been set up to focus on local businesses and organisations including shops, professionals, trades, charities and clubs.


Castlebrook Digital bring you the benefit of the latest technology to offer you the best solutions at competitve prices.  We don’t waste your money re-inventing the wheel!

Tailored Solutions

Castlebrook Digital go to much trouble to understand your specific needs and priorities.   We don’t rely on ‘cookie-cutter’ templates.  We deliver purpose built design at the best prices. 


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